CSX: Walk

final piece

The second piece in the CSX: How Tomorrow Gives “Good Karma” is entitled “Walk”. The script follows a young lady’s stroll through the city after making a recent donation to CSX’s howtomorrowgives.org website. Because of the good karma brought on by her donation, she narrowly,obliviously, escapes accidents and ill intent on the city streets. Each incident increases in absurdity until the climactic conclusion.

Building on the miniature set theme, we began construction on our city block facades and developing the characters involved.

Rebecca Jones works on the details of the facades.

Derek Cernak shows off his green thumbs

A set almost ready for filming!

With everything built and ready to go, we began shooting the facades using the animatic as our timing guide. They were shot using our motion control rig from Kessler Crane. This allowed us to shoot stop-motion style and get our moves down to the frame.

how the raw shots looked (sped up 2x)

We were originally going to do an all cg execution on the meteor shots, but decided to keep the hand made look going. Paper maché versions of Earth and the meteor were constructed and shot and then digitally augmented for the final.

paper maché versions of meteor and Earth

meteor was stuck on a drill to get spinning motion and shot against blue screen

final shot with augmentation

Both “Walk” and “Date” were a tremendous amount of fun for us here at the studio and can’t wait to do more like it. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at outofourmindsstudios.com to see how we can have fun with your next project together!


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