Low Poly, High Art: Rich Brown

final piece

Armed with the kind of scripts that make animation groups grin from ear to ear, Mullen Lowe tapped Out of Our Minds with the task of bringing their playful concepts to life for their client CSX.

Termed “How Tomorrow Gives” the railway giant launched a site that allowed employees to make monetary donations as well as volunteer time for their favorite charities.

Creative leads Scott Stripling (Creative Director) and Dolph Kowalcek (Associate Creative Director/Art Director) along with Producer Susanna O’Connell (SVP Director of Broadcast) worked with the OOOMS team to develop the pieces. The initial design brief called for a “Low Poly” style for the animation. “Low Poly” refers to using a lower number of polygons to define a 3d shape. This lower number of polygons provides a unique look and abstraction to the subject being depicted. Many of us older gamers associate it with the early days of 3d gaming. The pieces focus on actual CSX employees Rich Brown and Armando Klainsek and give a fantastical take on what they have done to give back.

As always, the animation process began by putting pencil to paper. Below you’ll see the storyboards put into animatic form.


the real Rich Brown and his low poly avatar

initial design of low poly octopus

Once the 3d components had been sorted out, the characters were rigged and animated. Below you’ll see the pieces as they exist strictly in animation form.

raw animation

Stay tuned for an upcoming post where we look at the second spot from this campaign.

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