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Back in June of this year, we decided to dip our toe into the VR space. If anything it was a good excuse to get our hands on a cool new toy to play with at the office. The promise of being able live in the world of some of our creations was definitely a huge carrot for us. Upon trying the HTC Vive we were immediate believers. While laughing at co-workers fumble around virtual office spaces, we immediately began asking ourselves how we get ourselves going in this arena. It was enough of a experience that we couldn’t wait to tackle whatever new skills we would need to become a content creator in the VR arena.

Six months, countless presentations, and unfathomable amounts of cursing at code later, we finally felt like we could produce our own VR creations. Out of Our Minds has never produced a video game before, much less a VR game, but in our true style we gave ourselves a stupid schedule and decided try and create an original property by Christmas. So, here we are. Is it the next Mario? Will it garner a following that rivals a WarCraft? Can you see the commercials this Sunday during the games? No. It’s a fun little game that we really hope just puts a few smiles on the faces of the people who get to play it. But, it is a first step. And we will keep going forward in all our naivety and see just how much fun we can have.

You can find Elfin’ Overtime on Steam Greenlight at the moment here:


If you like what you see give us a vote and help us get in the Steam Store.

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