Creating New Worlds

Creating New Worlds

Out of Our Minds Animation Studios & Leading Edge Video today announced a working partnership: Launching a joint initiative to develop original Virtual Reality content. The group has already begun reaching out to companies who are enthusiastically embracing the latest technology in the Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality landscape. Danny Oakley, Creative Director at Out of Our[…]

CSX: Walk

final piece The second piece in the CSX: How Tomorrow Gives “Good Karma” is entitled “Walk”. The script follows a young lady’s stroll through the city after making a recent donation to CSX’s website. Because of the good karma brought on by her donation, she narrowly,obliviously, escapes accidents and ill intent on the city[…]

Low Poly, High Art: Rich Brown

final piece Armed with the kind of scripts that make animation groups grin from ear to ear, Mullen Lowe tapped Out of Our Minds with the task of bringing their playful concepts to life for their client CSX. Termed “How Tomorrow Gives” the railway giant launched a site that allowed employees to make monetary donations[…]

Doughnut Friday


Krispy Kreme called on Out of Our Minds Studios to create a fun animated gif to promote “Doughnut Fridays” to their international audiences. Turns out bringing doughnuts to the office isn’t such a thing elsewhere in the world. Krispy Kreme wanted to create an awareness with international fans that doughnuts can be a communal experience,[…]

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